The Vision

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I-Metro-E :: City Region Downtown Relief Line

Transport/Transit is the most important infrastructure concerns and it is the area that our residents believe has the biggest impact on a City Region’s competitiveness and quality of life. Integrating urban planning, public transit, the environment and land use together are very important as they are all inextricably linked. “A competitive rail transit network is a competitive economy.”

My vision is to deliver the seven demands of Human Transit. Demand 1:”It takes me where I want to go.” Demand 2:”It takes

  • 407 Transitway1

The Competitve Economy :: 407 Transitway

The GTA Region is 140 kms wide by 35 kms high. The high-speed 407 train system needs to be designed to cover this 140 kms distance in one hour including all the 407 station stops along the way. The 407 station stops should to be developed as TDD destination communities.

My vision is a fully-integrated rail transit network connecting all of the GTA. It gets 6 million people quickly to any place within the GTA. 407 high-speed rail transitway is the

  • Yonge Subway Extension

North of Seven :: Yonge Subway Extension

In the 2014 Budget, the Ontario Government plans on building the Yonge Subway extension, electrifing all the GO Transit lines, moving to an all day train service with operating frequencies of 15 minutes within the next 10 years. Toronto is insisting that the downtown relief line must be built first before they will allow the Yonge Subway Extension to Hwy 7 to happen.

My vision for Markham and York Region includes as much time as possible with family and friends, enjoying

  • TDD Stations

Creating “A Sense of Place” :: TDD Stations

The way we perceive our communities is in large part due to the design of the built environment and the degree to which it fosters a livable city. Design choices not only affect our perception of “place” but also the way we use it. While opinions of aesthetics vary from person to person, there are some core
design strategies that promote vibrant neighborhoods, livable communities and cities regardless of the chosen style and or aesthetic.

My vision is create planned places which

  • Fields of Green

Fields of Green :: Open Space & Sport Fields

We need to take advantage of all open space that is available in Markham. We can turn it into a magnificent endless green space for our residents, while respecting nature and wildlife.

My vision for Markham is where we can enjoy fresh air, forests, green parklands and playing fields within minutes of our homes. We want a community where our residents can develop their skills and use their energy in healthy and wholesome ways.

  • Culture of Character-MISTA
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Culture of Character :: “MISTA”

The Olympic Training Center main purpose is to centralize the infrastructure required for athlete’s development. It will centralize the infrastructure required to teach, train, support a health and wellness centre, sport science, research, sports medicine, dietary programs and develop athletes. An Olympic Training Center is a space for athlete training with the help of professionals and scientific education, in addition to equipment and facilities.

My vision for MISTA is to create a place where residents from Markham and surrounding GTA municipalities come to train and play. This

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2014 Municipal Early Voting and Election Day Information

The City of Markham offers eligible voters the opportunity to cast a ballot prior to Voting Day. Eligible voters can vote in person at any of the early voting locations regardless of where they live in Markham.
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